A walk in the park

There are a few things that Teo’s parents found very amusing during their stay with us. Coffee tumblers & to-go water bottles were number one on the list. They would poke fun at me for having my coffee travel mug as an extension of my hand. Evidently, Italians drink small espressos in a sip… & I’m addicted to caffeine.

Next on the list would be squirrels & gophers. No matter where we were, whether in the park or a restaurant patio, they would try & get as close as they could to getting the snapshot they wanted. The people eating on the patio didn’t really appreciate having gophers by their feet as they were eating. Nonetheless, it was fun to watch.

They were also very impressed with burgers–beef, bison or lamb. Every restaurant we went to, they ate burgers & fries. They couldn’t seem to get enough.

Lastly, they really loved going for a stroll at Prince’s Island Park & we finally could thanks to all the hard working Calgarians who cleaned up as much of the damage the flood left behind as they could.

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One thought on “A walk in the park

  1. So sweet!!! Love that they are loving our Canadian things 🙂 Great shots Mili!!!

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