Photography & hypocrisy

Every day I see new faces from behind my lens. The mouths on these faces never fail to criticize themselves before I click the shutter. I tell them all the same thing, forget the camera & let go. Most continue to fixate their minds on their idea of the perfect portrait despite that they’re not in control of it. Their focus on my lens is sharper than the lens itself. Sometimes the outcome is the deer-in-headlights look.

“Do I look awkward?” they’ll ask. In my mind I answer: Oh yeah. They’ll keep firing questions like, “What should I do?”  It’s simple. Relax. This is typically where I get them talking and shoot away. Finally they’ll reach a level of comfort where they are looking beyond the lens & talking to me.

Put me in front of the lens & what do I do? If you’re lucky to catch me before I snatch the camera, you’ll likely have a fabulously blurred snapshot of my hand. Alternatively, if I do look, I’ll make a silly face to purposefully look incredibly awkward.

Today I challenged myself to eat the words I feed to others. Here’s me on the other side of the lens.

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